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Nickel Demister pad - SP


Nickel Demister Pads are made up from knitted materials with interlocking asymmetrical loops of metal or plastic with typical wire diameters being 0.1 – 0.3mm.

By careful choice of wire diameter, we have produced knitted mesh demisters with extremely high free volumes (typically 98-99%) along with very high removal efficiencies and low pressure drop.

Along with wire diameter and mesh density, another important parameter in design and operation is the vapor velocity. This can be controlled by careful selection of the mesh area. Optimal area will depend on operating temperature, pressure and pressure drop. Under normal operating conditions, 99% + removal efficiency can be achieved with a pressure drop of less than 250 Pascals.



Standard type

40-100  60-150 105-300     140-400  160-400  200-570

High-efficiency type

60-100  80-100 80-150 90-150 150-300 200-400   300-600

High-penetration type

20-100 30-150 70-400 100-600 170-560

Damping type

33-30 38-40 20-40 26-40 30-40 30-50   48-50 30-60 30-80 50-120


Packaging Details:       

Plastic bag inside, carton or wooden case outside.



10-15 days after received your payments.



Ø  Easy to install in all process equipment 

Ø  Most cost-effective solution when equipment sizes are set by other requirements

Ø  High efficiency with low pressure drop

Ø  Emergency delivery available


Knockout Drums, Distillation Towers, Steam Drums, Absorbers, Sulphuric acid plants, Vacuum columns, Evaporators, Disitllation and rectification plants, Oil separators and etc